Welcome to the microbial menagerie, a blog dedicated to exploring the diverse microbial "menagerie" around us and their vast impact on the biosphere. The aim of this site is to develop a collection of unique microbes and microbial roles that we often do not think about: microbes in food, how microbes influence and transform the environment, how innovation can be shaped by microbes, etc.

In the initial stages of the blog, there will be series of posts with common themes as well as posts about recent methodological advances or commenting exciting publications that have recently been published. Series will include:

(1) Microbiome Monday: This series will focus on the microbiome, the community of organisms that reside in an environmental niche. For example, the human gut microbiome (the microorganisms that reside in the gut) is estimated to account for up to 3 pounds of our body weight (i.e. we carry 3 pounds of bacteria in our gut!) and may possibly have positive and negative effects on digestion and propensities for certain diseases. Many other environments have an associated microbiome. For example, microbial communities colonizing coral or soil have immense impacts on the plants that inhabit these environments.

(2) Foodie Friday: Many of the foods we eat exist because of microbes. The unique flavors of cheese depend on microbial communities that live on cheese, beer and wine are created by microbial fermentations, bread is dependent on yeasts. The Foodie Friday series aim to elucidate how microbes create these food products.

(3) Microbe of the month: Each month, a unique microbe will be chosen to feature. There are really no criteria for the microbe of the month, just something that is either newly discovered or just very peculiar. If there is a microbe you would like me to write a post on a certain microbe, please let me know!